Summary for the Month of January, 2020

         The Mean was -9.2 C and is near normal for an average mean of -7.3 C with a standard deviation of +/- 3.4 C degrees.

         This month had 4 record cold type days, 1 record warm type days, and 0 record precipitation type days.

         This month ranks 22nd warmest out of 31 years.

         The Total Precipitation was 5.8 ml and is below normal for an average total of 16.4 ml with a standard deviation of +/- 9.5 ml.

         This month ranks 27th wettest out of 31 years.

         The warmest day was 9.5 C on the 31st.

         The coldest day was -36.0 C on the 15th.

         No rain was recorded this month.

         The snowiest day was 1.6 cm on the 2nd.

         There were 18 warmer than average days, 13 colder than average days, and 0 day(s) exactly equal to the average this month.